Cars, trucks and buses made in China by Chery Automobile Group.

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C&C Trucks

The C&C Trucks vehicles (tractor units, dump trucks (tipper trucks), concrete mixer trucks (cement mixers), dump truck chassis (tipper chassis), truck chassis, low-density bulk powder transport tank trucks, and dangerous goods transport tractor units etc.) are made in China by the following companies:

Tractor unit

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Dangerous goods transport tractor unit

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Container transport tractor unit

Container carrier vehicle

Manufacturer:Chery Commercial Vehicles (Anhui) Co., Ltd. (China)
Engine:YC6K1340N-50Tires:315/80R22.5, 12R22.5,…
Power (kW):294Axle loads (kg):7000/11500/6500
Fuel:liquefied natural gasAxles:3
Fifth wheel (kg):16570, 16295, 17070, …Number of tyres:8
Gross weight (kg):25000Overall (mm):7398 × 2500 × 3650/39…
Wheelbase (mm):3825+1350Curb weight (kg):8300, 8575, 7800
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Dump truck

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Flatbed dump truck

Manufacturer:C&C Trucks Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:QCC3312D656-E1Wheelbase (mm):1950+4350+1350, 1950+
Engine:YC6K1038-50; YC6K1239…Tires:12.00R20 18PR
Power (kW):285; 287Axle loads (kg):6500/6500/18000
Fuel:diesel fuelAxles:4
Capacity (kg):15380Number of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):31000Overall (mm):11100/11200 × 2500 × …
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Stake truck

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Box van truck

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Cargo truck

Manufacturer:C&C Trucks Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:QCC1312D656-EGross weight (kg):31000
Engine:YC6K1035-50; YC6K1038…Wheelbase (mm):1950+4500+1350
Power (kW):258; 285Tires:12R22.5, 11.00R20
Fuel:diesel fuelAxle loads (kg):6500/6500/18000
Capacity (kg):18650Axles:4
Cargo body (mm):9400/9600 × 600/800 ×…Number of tyres:12
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Dump truck chassis

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Truck chassis

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Concrete mixer truck chassis

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Special purpose vehicle chassis

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Special purpose vehicle

Municipal sanitation truck

Dump garbage truck

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Detachable body garbage truck

Detachable body truck
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Road and bridge construction vehicle

Concrete mixer

Concrete mixer truck
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Special transport vehicle

Oil tank truck

Manufacturer:Chery Commercial Vehicles (Anhui) Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:SQR1311D5T6-E1Wheelbase (mm):1950+4500+1350
Engine:ISLe290 40Tires:12R22.5, 295/80R22.5,…
Power (kW):213Axle loads (kg):6500/6500/18000
Fuel:diesel fuelAxles:4
Capacity (kg):18170Number of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):31000Overall (mm):11990 × 2500 × 3750
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Bulk powder tank truck

Low-density bulk powder transport tank truck
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Other vehicle

Car transport truck

Manufacturer:C&C Trucks Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:QCC1212D659-EWheelbase (mm):1950+5100
Engine:YC6L290-50Tires:275/70R22.5 16PR
Power (kW):213Axle loads (kg):5400/5400/10000
Fuel:diesel fuelAxles:3
Capacity (kg):8020Number of tyres:8
Gross weight (kg):20800Overall (mm):12000 × 2550 × 3990
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